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Migration services

Lithuanian migration services – Emergency assistance

We are always available to help you

Our Clients are legal and physical persons that ask for help from various parts of the world. Professionals working in the company and specialists in their field have a successful experience in obtaining a temporary residence permit or permanent residence permit in Lithuania. If you need a residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania, please feel free to contact us. We will prepare all necessary documents so that the process lasts as short as possible.

We advise foreigners on temporary residence permits. We can represent the client in the Migration Department of the Republic of Lithuania.

The most popular and reliable way to immigrate to European Union is getting residence permit in Lithuania on the basis of company set-up in Lithuania or purchase of the company in Lithuania.

High quality, modern and innovative studies, EU-wide recognized diplomas. And all of this surrounded by unique and old traditions cherishing culture.

Employment of foreigners

Our legal services company has many years of experience in the recruitment process for foreigners. We are employed by citizens from different countries, including exotic countries.

Visa clearance

Professional approach to migration issues in Lithuania

The main advantage of our company is that we provide comprehensive services, all that can be needed in the field of migration. In addition, we ensure that our services are delivered quickly, accurately and qualitatively. And the quality of services guarantees time and excellent experience.

Professional lawyers working in the company not only effectively solve the problem of each Client, but also provide all relevant information about the appropriate area of law.

What migration services do we provide:

consultations and assistance to foreigners in obtaining a visa;
providing additional information during such procedure;
help to citizens of other countries obtain a work permit;
consultations and assistance in obtaining complete documentation — residence permit, temporary residence permit or citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania.

All services are provided in accordance with the law of the Republic of Lithuania, our Client has the opportunity to use the help of experienced and professional lawyers: from signing the contract to receiving the necessary documents.

By choosing us as a representative of your interests in the institutions of migration services, you can be sure that we will take part in the whole process and overcome all obstacles in this process. By focusing on the goal, we find the optimal and most suitable way out of every situation. Our Clients will not have to waste their personal energy, nerves, time and money fighting the nuances of state formalities.

Our company cooperates with foreigners who come to Lithuania for various reasons. We provide legal advice on visa matters to residents from all foreign countries. In our country, the cost of a visa depends on its type and duration.