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Compensation for an interrupted flight

If your flight was interrupted (cancelled or delayed), you have the right to a compensation ranging between 250 and 600 euros.

Passengers often forget that their rights are protected by the European regulation EU Nº 261/2004 and, in order to avoid additional problems, do not demand the payment of their compensation for the interrupted flight. Thus, passengers are not compensated for their expenses and airlines do not fulfil their financial obligations (the regulation’s requirements).

The regulation binds your chosen airline to take care of you and facilitate you all necessary information and help before, during and after your flight. If airlines do not fulfil their obligations or violate the rights of the passenger, you have the right to ask for help in the corresponding institution or court of law. For over ten years, our lawyers have been representing and helping passengers who have suffered an interrupted flight (a delay, a cancelation or a denial to board) with the objective of obtaining a compensation.

Our company defends the rights and interests of flight passengers who do not have the time, possibilities or sufficient legal knowledge to demand the payment of a compensation independently.

We, based on European regulation EU Nº 261/2004, will help you realise your rights and demand a compensation for your interrupted flight.

We will assist you legally and professionally, as well as prepare the necessary documents for your compensation claim for free.

Should there not be a possibility to receive a compensation, we will not demand any payment from the client after revising their case.

In the event of an unfavourable judicial ruling, we will pay the process costs so that the passenger will not incur in additional expenses.

Payment for the services of our lawyers will be made only after the obtainment of a compensation (if the claim is successful).

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    Remainder for passengers (all listed steps should be fulfilled):

    • Arrive at the airport on time;
    • Register for your flight even if you are already aware of the flight’s delay;
    • Obtain reliable information about your passenger rights, any changes in the situation, the reason of the delay or the cancelation of the flight from your airline;
    • Demand your airline assist you as per the law;
    • Document all important circumstances: save all messages and conversation your airline about the interrupted flight, document the duration of the delay at the moment the boarding gates are open;
    • if the delay is motivated by weather conditions, document them, etc.;
    • Save all invoices generated by expenses due to your interrupted flight (food, accommodation, transportation from and to the airport, phone calls);
    • Register your complaint as soon as possible should your baggage suffer a delay.