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We, UAB “Teisės garantas”, offer a full range of accounting services. As a lawyer company, we know that not every person has the experience to effectively deal with accounting problems at the tax office or other state or municipal institution. Stress, formalities and endless queues can destroy the motivation of even the most sustainable business owner. Remember that your own matters and accounting are elements that create a harmonious whole. A company without professionally managed accounting and records at the tax office may face serious tax and legal problems.


Tax consultancy

Tax calculation and management

VAT registration

That’s why we represent entrepreneurs and provide professional accounting and tax consultancy. We are always available by phone and email. By choosing UAB “Teisės garantas” as your representative, you can expect not only operational cooperation, but also extensive consultations.

A list of services we provide:

  • legal & business consultancy
  • assist you in obtaining licenses & permits;
  • the recovery of overpayments;
  • credit counseling guide to debt management;
  • the best way to save money and pay less.

The UAB “Teisės garantas” focus is every customer’s problem. Each client is our partner and we work hard to solve the problems that have occurred, and achieve the goals that the client expects us to achieve.

Accounting — an orderly system for managing cash transactions, registering transactions and aggregating information on assets. Keeping legal entities’ obligations and continuous documentation of all business transactions

Accounting can be performed by: the chief accountant, approved by the company on the basis of a contract of employment, director general or external organization (accounting). If you choose a company that has years of experience in accounting, you not only save company finances, but also your time. In addition, it is a great preventive measure to avoid state control and fines.

Choosing UAB “Teisės garantas”, you will receive not only all the necessary help in accounting, but also consultations during which you will be able to find answers to all the questions that arise.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can ensure that our services will bring benefits to your business. Entrust your accounting to UAB “Teisės garantas” company and you do not have to look for a newly, qualified accountant anymore. If you trust us, you will save valuable time and focus more on improving the efficiency of your company. We value our cooperation unconditionally and want to become your long-term accounting partner today!