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Purchase/Change of Ownership/Sale of a Business

Purchase/Change of Ownership/Sale of a Business

People running a business often need legal services by buying, transferring or selling a business, buying-selling parts of a stock or a company, acquiring a well-established and already operating company. All these areas are served by our legal company UAB “Teisės garantas”, regardless of whether the situation concerns a small, medium or large company. We prepare contracts and represent you at every stage of the process. In the whole procedure there are many underwater stones that we know well and possess the necessary knowledge to overcome them. We provide services to people from all over the world.

When legal services are needed, it is desirable that a professional lawyer who represents one’s interests and provides services was responsible, would have the knowledge about the nuances of buying and selling a business, would have some level of experience in the chosen field required by Client.

If some or all of the above information is relevant — if you are looking for a lawyer who knows how to purchase, transfer and sell a business, you should contact us.

Professional lawyers of our company make transactions, operations and settle disputes related to the purchase, transfer or sale of a company, provide legal services (support, maintenance) in all countries.

Our services usually include:

  • consultations;
  • preparation of documents;
  • assessment of the situation, analysis of available evidence related to the prospects of the client’s task;
  • strategies and tactics to protect the rights;
  • supervision and support of the client’s project.

Services are provided in person, during a meeting or remotely.

The Client has the right to request, in any convenient form and time, a specific service from our company UAB “Teisės garantas” — by e-mail, phone, skype or personal meeting.

The UAB “Teisės garantas” company confirms its determination and capability of providing legal services required to meet Client needs. The company achieves the desired result in a predetermined time. We also consider it very important and responsible that we choose the right specialist so that the lawyer has the necessary experience and qualifications to provide legal services in the field of purchase, change of ownership or sale of a company.