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Legal Services

Inexpensive legal services (such as legal aid) can bring significant benefits to both legal and physical persons. However, it is not enough to identify the problem that needs to be addressed and to assess to what extent the aid would be beneficial.

When attempting to assess the benefits of legal aid, what should happen if legal aid was not granted?

What would happen if legal services were not provided?

An important step in assessing the benefits of providing services is to identify scenarios that could occur if they had not been applied. There are many possible outcomes that could occur if no legal aid was granted, including:

• the person does not take any action, leaves an unresolved legal problem (the problem grows because of this);
• a person can take action to solve a legal problem without outside help;
• the person chooses the requested legal services.

Legal services for legal entities

Legal advice, mediation, representation of the Client’s interests in courts and other institutions, companies and organizations.

Legal services for natural persons

We advise on various legal issues. Depending on the branch of law – commercial (business), labor, administrative, criminal, insurance, international private, intellectual and other civil legal relations, and procedural law.

Preparation of legal documents

Legal document preparation services include their preparation, taking into account any statutory requirements of the Republic of Lithuania or another country, the content and form of such document, including company details.

Inadequate legal protection of the company creates many dangers. While entrepreneurs are becoming more and more aware of the importance of this area, many of them are unaware of the benefits of providing a permanent company that provides legal services. Learn about the benefits of providing permanent, professional and comprehensive legal services.

Saved money. Incorrectly adopted decisions often cause a number of negative financial consequences. Many people still have the misconception that a lawyer’s adviser or legal advice is an expensive service, and only a necessity to use it in situations without other possibilities. Many entrepreneurs sign contracts each day and avoid using professional legal advice. This often has many negative consequences and, of course, is subject to financial losses.

Continuous cooperation provides entrepreneurs with uninterrupted, comprehensive and priority legal assistance, and also saves time, which the legal entity will have to provide in an emergency to seek the right specialist.

The variety of legal services offered. Cooperation with a team of qualified specialists with knowledge and experience in various areas of legal activities means that the entrepreneur can use many services, which usually can not be given by one specialist, alone or in a small team. Permanent cooperation enables the client to offer a wider range of legal services, such as: legal advice in various areas, regular telephone consultations, legal representation in court, preparation of pre-court letters from public administration, payment monitoring, debt recovery, issuing opinions on commercial contracts, drawing up lease agreements, conducting contracts, conducting negotiations with contractors, examining court cases, settling disputes, determining damages and damages for the insurer and other persons.

Peaceful management of the company. Thanks to constant legal assistance, the company management can remain calm even in crisis situations. Responsible and competent professionals will control the legal situation of the company even in the most chaotic circumstances.

Understanding the company’s operations. Thanks to the company and legal services of various specialists, there is never any guarantee that the issue will be resolved in accordance with the company’s policy. The advantage of permanent cooperation, as opposed to one-off orders, is the ability to satisfy individual customer needs in all legal aspects, depending on the specifics of the business environment. Lawyers who know the company will provide better legal assistance.

A permanent cooperation agreement has another advantage. A client with a permanent cooperation agreement is considered a priority and help is given even in unexpected and urgent situations.
These are just some of the many benefits of legal services for the company. There are many options for creating a permanent contract for legal services, as well as its advantages – cost optimization, solving legal problems of the company, speed and convenience, knowledge of the company’s specificity, its problems and internal affairs that affect the quality of services are just some of them. Thus, a successful entrepreneur should consider whether instead of expensive one-off orders, it is worth providing calm and professional, permanent legal services.