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Help of a lawyer is needed in the most diverse cases. And how quickly and professionally he will provide services to the client, the fate of a human being or business may depend on it.

Despite the fact that Lithuania is not a large country, the choice of law firms providing various legal services in the country is not low. However, choosing a lawyer, a specialist who has not only legal but also other specifications, such as medical, accounting and other, for many it is not an easy challenge.

If you are dealing with a situation in which you need specialist advice in a given legal field or you want to have a lawyer with experience in your case, you can contact us. UAB “Teisės garantas” will solve this task quickly and efficiently, save a lot of time and recommend a suitable lawyer, a specialist in this field. For example, we can say that former law enforcement officers are good specialists in the field of criminal law, lawyers who have worked in private companies have a good knowledge of the nuances of civil law, and lawyers working in public institutions are well versed in public procurement. UAB “Teisės garantas” cooperates with many experienced lawyers who are our long-term partners. We will make sure that the lawyer is competent and that the cost of the services provided is optimal, consistent with the real cost of the problem.

Provision of legal services is the main work of qualified lawyers of UAB “Teisės garantas” and lawyers cooperating with the company. Company law experts are ready to resolve any problems you may have. We work with professional lawyers in Lithuania, Poland and other European countries. Lawyers have life experience in the field of legal transactions, are able to provide qualified legal assistance and legal services in all institutions and branches of Lithuania and other countries — from legal advice, representation in court, courts of higher instance and appeals and assistance in court proceedings.

After contacting UAB “Teisės garantas” for legal advice, you will receive all the necessary information, set a meeting time and discuss your case further. We take care to provide appropriate assistance and quality of legal services. We represent the interests of our clients in state institutions, litigation boards, courts and other institutions. UAB “Teisės garantas” prepare various procedural documents, and later we conduct pre-litigation and judicial collection. We always strive to achieve the maximum results for our clients.