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About us

JSC “Teisės garantas” is an international group of qualified lawyers. Our goal is to provide professional legal services to legal and natural persons efficiently and expeditiously and to provide them with a wide range of support. We have been working closely with our partners for a long time, so UAB Teisės garantas serves its customers not only in Lithuania, but also in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Switzerland and other EU countries. Working in other countries and exchanging good practice has allowed us to gain even more invaluable experience, so we strive to ensure the protection of legitimate expectations and provide our clients with only high quality and useful legal services.


The idea of our services is based on the protection of the values and rights of legally educated society. We believe that our activities contribute to the formation of these legal values, we can help the client, whether it is a natural or a legal person, to formulate his needs and help them to implement them purposefully. Our team members strive to maintain our high reputation, defend our professional reputation as a professional, and remain a committed, reliable and customer-driven partner capable of providing quality legal services.


Our vision and aspirations are to mature legal-based relationships between legal and natural persons. By building a strong partnership and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and customers, we implement the ideas we believe in – honesty, continuous and uninterrupted improvement, and promotion of the highest standards of collaboration. We strive to create a business-friendly and legally developed environment in which business representatives rely on the foundations of the legal society.


  • Responsibility and Integrity: Without responsible and honest commitment, we would not be one of our industry leaders. It is only through these features that customers and partners hope to build a strong partnership and continue to work together.
  • Professionalism: Accumulated experience, adaptability to customer needs, intercultural and ethical communication, quick response to ongoing changes and, of course, the highest standards of service provided are criteria for how we understand professional legal assistance.


  • We are already in the market for 10 years.
  • Among our clients are well-known and well-respected companies.
  • After signing a legal services contract, the service user will be served by a specific lawyer – a professional who will ensure the highest quality of service, good service and timely legal services
  • Cooperation with foreign lawyers, lawyers, legal service companies , embassies, other companies and organizations and banks, and our foreign partners are the best qualified specialists.
  • Our company is rated “Strongest in Lithuania 2015 – 2018”, which confirms that the company is reliable, fulfills all its obligations on time. , we have registered our trademark