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Establishment of legal entities at first glance might seem like a simple task. After a certain procedure and having the necessary documents, it can be assumed that the establishment of a company can be transformed into a formal procedure. We, having extensive experience in the process of creating a legal entity, encourage our clients not to make a mistake and to be extremely attentive to this business stage.

Establishment of companies in Lithuania

Establishment of companies abroad

Establishment of a legal entity is a multi-faceted and complex process that determines the success of your company. Errors in the founding documents or minor violations of the registration procedure of a legal entity may later cost even more. That is why company registration should be entrusted to professional lawyers who are well aware of the legal basis of such process and can provide optimal conditions for all formal procedures. With the help of a specialist, registration is done smarter, easier and faster.

UAB “Teisės garantas” advises on setting up companies and prepares all necessary documents, for example — company founding agreement, company statute, regulations, etc. We represent you at all stages of creating a legal entity and provide legal assistance during further operations. Some of the main services we offer:

We advise on choosing the form of a legal entity. Forms of a legal entity that can be established: JSC (a joint-stock company), PLLC (Private limited liability company), Association (Association of flat owners/apartment owners), Public institution, Limited Partnership enterprise, Foundation, Sole proprietorship, Trade union, General Partnership enterprise, Municipal enterprise, Credit union and etc.;
We help you choose the right company structure;
We prepare agreements, projects and all necessary documents for company registration;
We represent your interests at all other stages of establishing and registering a company.

For many years, specialists from UAB “Teisės Garantas” have been operating in the field of registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, as well as monitoring all changes taking place in the organization and the continuation of the company’s operations. Our long-standing practice and well-established company creation processes will allow you to register your business as quickly as possible in any legal form.

We have many years of experience in civil matters, including disputes regarding financial relations between legal entities and public authorities. At all stages of the dispute, regardless of the status quo, we provide legal services in Lithuania, Poland and other European countries. We provide legal assistance related to the organization of the office and work flow, taxation, preparation of internal accounting documents and advise on matters related to tax authorities. We prepare legal documents for interaction with other organizations and institutions. We advise on signing commercial contracts, preparing tax documents in accordance with applicable regulations and fulfilling tax obligations. We do all this according to the requirements of legislation and agreements — as quickly and efficiently as possible.
In addition, we provide services during the operation of the company, in case of the need to change — increase or decrease of share capital, change the address of the location, legal form, executive body (general director, manager, etc.), type of activity and implement other changes. Contact UAB “Teisė garantas” today and we will help you answer any questions.