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Debt Collection

Debt collection is one of the most common reasons why entrepreneurs apply for assistance to our company UAB “Teisės garantas”. Of course, if the creditor fails to recover debt in a different way, legal assistance is required. However, the recovery of debts is possible in many ways.

Debt collection from a natural person

Debt Recovery from a Legal Person

Debt collection abroad

The cheapest and most effective way to conduct a pre-litigation procedure (litigation and contractual). If the parties are unable to agree and resolve the problem peacefully, the creditor can initiate the procedure. The return of the debt is possible if there are documents confirming that the debtor owes a certain amount of money to the creditor. These may include unpaid bills, contracts for the purchase of services and goods, correspondence via e-mail and so on. If so, it was a loan agreement or debt collection. Documents are also often used simultaneously. In such cases, the contract sets out the terms of the loan. Such a document confirms the fact of transferring money and is the most important proof.

Debt collection under a loan agreement

Typically, disputes between creditors and debtors are typical, but you certainly can’t call the debt repayment process as simple. Repayment of debt is one of the most common problems, which has the opportunity to solve — also other legal services providing company UAB “Teisės garantas”. The procedure is almost always the same. First, a qualified specialist carefully analyzes the evidence presented. Then a human rights defense strategy is created.

Repayment of debt as a result of a complaint or claim may be made by pre-trial decision. For this purpose, negotiations between the creditor and the debtor begin. If such a process does not bring the desired result, the dispute resolution procedure is applied, in accordance with the current legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

Debt collection from legal entities

Internal civil processes determine the specifics of a process such as debt collection from individuals (citizens). It provides for the preparation of legitimate claims, submitting an application to the court for further detailed analysis. Initially, a pre-trial consideration of the case takes place, then a court hearing is appointed, after which a decision is made.

The help of a qualified specialist in the debt repayment process avoids wasting time and money. The same applies to the taking of evidence and representation of the creditor in court. As a representative, it is recommended to choose a specialist specializing in a specific area of law. You will always find such specialists if you contact UAB “Teisės garantas”.

Do you have additional questions? Do you need comprehensive legal advice? Experienced UAB “Teisės garantas” specialists are ready to help in any situation. Contact us today and recover your funds in a timely and professional manner.