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law firm in lithuania 300x154 Articles

Law firm in Lithuania

“Teisės garantas“ LTD is a law firm in Lithuania who has professional lawyers team and provides all legal services to both – Lithuanians and foreign clients. Our law firm provides legal services…

company establishment in lithuania 300x154 Articles

Company establishment in Lithuania: process and preparation (Part 1)

If You are interested how to establish company in Lithuania, this article help to understand and realise how to do it, by using few simple rules and steps. 1 step: Right company…

trust in the police 300x169 Articles

Trust in the Police of Lithuania (introduction and results) (part 1)

In context of public trust in the police of Lithuania, surveys are usually focused on surveying public opinion, interviewing citizens of the country, while police officers’ opinions shown through the prism of…

An advance and earnest 300x149 Articles

An advance and earnest: definition and difference

Probably many, transaction had to pay an advance or give an earnest. However, everyone knows, the earnest different from the advance? This article provides an example of judicial practice, which was clarified…